2023 International Conference Call for

Presentation Proposals

 Important Deadlines to Remember
Fri, April 29: Submissions Due * - CLOSED
Fri, June 2: Notification of Acceptance *
Fri, Sept 22: FINAL Presentations Due for Review *

Proven engines for economic growth and development, research parks, innovation districts, federal labs, incubators and more, influence their communities in significant ways. AURP 2023 International Conference in Newark/Wilmington, Delaware, hosted by the STAR Campus at University of Delaware, will feature experts who will examine best practices and the strategies which will develop a knowledge-based economy by increasing ties between communities of innovation, government and industry partners. With the exciting opportunity of showcasing the STAR Campus as a prime example of the emerging trends, the conference will feature plenary sessions and concurrent 30 - 60 minute breakout sessions (including all introductions and Q&A) specifically designed for attendees located in or interested in the creation of a Research Park or Innovation District. This year's theme is Innovation Revolution: The Power of People, Places and Purpose. 

The audience of the presentations are conference attendees that are seeking innovative content and learning opportunities that reflect current challenges, solutions, concepts and trends in the research community. Attendees are executives whom represent leading scientific and research place-based clusters that are sponsored by universities, government labs, corporations, innovation districts and municipalities and the professionals that provide goods and services which support their initiatives.

Instructional Design 

  • Interesting approaches and creative solutions to challenges surrounding the conference theme, as well as case studies and best practices on AURP topic areas, are sought for presentations.
  • To deliver exceptional learning experiences, preference may be given to proposals that demonstrate the ability to:
    • Present a case study with evidence supported by research or data providing key take-aways
    • Illustrate the "How" and the "Why" and the lessons learned through the process
    • Demonstrate relevance of lessons through "real-life" case studies. Reflect innovative and cutting edge content
    • Target seasoned, C-suite executives
    • Stimulate and provoke discussion and audience engagement 
    • Facilitate knowledge transfer and development of new competencies 
    • Provide diverse approaches for different types of learners
  • NO SALES PITCHES! Members want to learn from your experience and hands on approach for solutions and best practices.

Example Topic Areas

  • Global business strategies advancing sectors including the entrepreneurial network, bio health and life sciences, computational space and engineering, and more.
  •  The convergence of technology sectors such as Ag/food safety intersecting with autonomous technology and sustainable energy; or aerospace intersecting with autonomous vehicles and electrification; or cybersecurity and smart cities; or nuclear and clean technology.
  •  University, Federal Lab, Hospital or Innovation District Partnerships to Accelerate Innovation and Impact Workforce Development
  •  Places and Spaces (within the context of University-Research Anchored Innovation Districts, or Master Plan/Development)
  •  Innovative Programs within your community involving start-ups, small businesses, and equity/DEI strategies. Student Entrepreneurship and Corporate Engagement Programs
  •  Unique and varied government structures
  •  STEM for women and attraction in their field of study
  •  Operations best practices including preventative maintenance case studies, lease negotiation tactics, tips, etc.
  •  Workforce Development 

Plan Your Submission

  • Session and workshop proposals require clear and concise titles, succinct and persuasive descriptions and well thought out learning objectives.
  •  Your title should capture the topic that will be covered (10 words or less).
  • Your description should build on your title, focus on learning outcomes and be persuasive and concise (75 words or less). 
  •  Your description should build on your title, focus on learning outcomes and be persuasive and concise (75 words or less). 
  • All proposals must be submitted using this online form.
  •  The person submitting the proposal will be the "submitter" and will be the primary point of contact for all communications.
  •  All co-presenters use be listed on the original proposal. Presenters may not be added including upon acceptance without review and approval of AURP staff. 

Important Deadlines to Remember

* Fri, April 29: Submissions Due *
* Fri, June 2: Notification of Acceptance *
* Fri, Sept 22: FINAL Presentations Due for Review *