Innovation Revolution:
The Power of People, Places and Purpose

Host of AURP’s 2023 International Conference, STAR Campus at the University of Delaware will share their inspiring story. Like the symbolic Phoenix rising from the ashes, this sector marred by defunct industrial warehouses has evolved into a thriving commercial region, a driving force for R&D, changing lives through economic and innovation discoveries. 
As usual, the AURP Conference will feature a diverse range of learning opportunities including collaborative session, intense discussion, learning tours and more.

What We Share
300+ of the foremost global leaders in our community of innovation will head to AURP's 2023 International Conference. As always, creatively designed to suit all learning levels, we will advance trending and emerging ideas at interactive sessions with C-suite executives, AURP 2023 will feature a diverse range of learning content such as collaborative sessions, intensive discussions, learning tours and more, covering topics that will build competencies for our global Community of Innovation.

Where We Meet:
In Delaware, prepare to experience the power of inclusive leadership, place and people through hands-on engagement with STAR Campus community and partners. Discover the renaissance of this community from Chrysler automotive plant to innovation powerhouse, impacting a region to economic and innovation prosperity.

Conference sessions and tours will be shared at our STAR Campus Day as well as day held at the historic Hotel Du Pont in Wilmington, an architectural marvel. Watch for more schedule updates as planning evolves.

On-Demand Series
Gain insights from experienced park and innovation district executives as they cover basic elements of strategy and share their lessons learned along the way. AVAILABLE NOW!