Communities of Innovation 101

Our 101 program is a continual 'work in progress' and transforming to a year-round on-demand exchange.

Gain insights from experienced park and innovation district executives as they cover basic elements of strategy and share their lessons learned along the way. Designed for those who are new to university research parks and innovation districts, this intensive program will address park and innovation district organization and management with a special emphasis on development, funding, marketing and economic impact. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain these valuable insights from the pros!

Just as the world has pivoted, so has AURP. Beginning 2022, the COI 101 will be offered up online, in digestible modules that individuals can participate in on their own schedule. At the IC2022 in Toronto, Canada, we will unite participates at LAUNCH POINT to rollout the new format, address burning issues, revisit trends and further deep dive into modules.

Welcome to COI Launch Point!
This abbreviated COI 101 session held at AURP IC2022 will serve as a launch point of discovery and offer up an overview of what you need to know, considerations for your research park or innovation district. 

The Basic 5 Tenants of a Research Park/Innovation District Planning

• Working with Your University/Local Organization
• Governance
• Finance
• Master Planning
• Economic Impact and Results

Case Studies from Our Membership
ONLINE IN 2022 - coming soon

• Hear the Good and the Bad
• All lessons learned are shared

 Operating Your Research Park/Innovation District
ONLINE IN 2022 - coming soon

• Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
• Communications
• Programming / Engagement Strategies
• Entrepreneurship / Incubators / Accelerators
• Government Relations


  Erin KoshutExecutive Director, Cummings Research Park 


Launch Point Speaker:
  Jeff Smith, Director of the University Corporate Research Park, Michigan State University


Previous COI 101 Speakers have included:

Brian Darmody
Jason Boudreaux
Kevin Byrne
Stephen Coulston
Kate Engel
Mitch Horowitz
Stephen Frayser

Laura Frerichs

Jeff Johnson
Julie Lenzer

Jackie Kerby Moore